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Vision & Governance


LDCSA's vision is to see potential realised and hope restored for lives impacted by the criminal justice system

Our Mission

We aim to fulfil our vision by:

  • Providing a quality 18 bed Approved Premises for women, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice;

  • Engaging and working alongside key partner agencies including the Probation Service;

  • National Approved Premises Alliance and the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool;

  • Developing projects that support successful reintegration into the community and safe and sustainable relationships; 

  • Making grants to Merseyside based organisations that share our vision; and

  • Promoting awareness of lives, in particular those of women, impacted by the criminal justice system, including through the Liverpool Annual Prisons Week Lecture.

Our Values



At LDCSA we:

  • recognise and celebrate our diverse skills, identities and lived experience, knowing that this makes for a richer community; 

  • foster positive and honest relationships as the foundation for transforming lives and communities;

  • achieve more by working together in partnership with other organisations that share common values; and 

  • strive to be a sustainable community; caring for people, the environment and our resources.    



At LDCSA we:

  • aim to provide welcoming places of physical, mental and emotional safety; 

  • strive to create an environment free from judgement and negative stereotypes;

  • recognise the equal dignity of each person in our community; and

  • enable opportunities to freely explore questions of faith.    




At LDCSA we:

  • believe everyone has the potential to flourish; 

  • encourage a mutually supportive environment that maximises the opportunities for personal growth; and

  • aspire to restore hope, increase resilience, and help each person on their journey of growth; together we rise!    



At LDCSA we:

  • advocate for a fairer Criminal Justice System for all;

  • aim to understand the particular impact of the system on women and families; and

  • raise awareness of the experiences of those impacted by the prison system through listening and dialogue.

"Adelaide House works because we all respect each other, our staff group work together by respecting one another, and our values” 

- Staff Member, Adelaide House

"I feel that the trustees are genuinely interested in the work of Adelaide, the residents and the staff, which creates a positive working environment."

- Staff Member, Adelaide House


LDCSA is the operational name of the Liverpool Church of England Council for Social Aid (Inc). We are both a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, therefore board members are both Company Directors and Charity Trustees. 


The LDCSA Board is made up of two types of members, nominative and co-optative, with a total of 12 vacancies. Up to seven nominative trustees, following recommendations from the charity's Board, are nominated by the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Finance, in consultation with the Bishop of Liverpool. Up to an additional five co-optative trustees, are elected by the charity's Board from across Merseyside. Trustee terms are 4 years, with one renewal.  


Our Trustees bring a range of skills and experience, as well as energy, to the work of the Trustee Board. 

They direct the strategic future of the charity and ensure the most effective care and use of the charity's resources. 


The charity has always had close links with the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, but our Trustees operate independently and we receive no direct funding from the Diocese.

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