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Grant Making

Grant Funding Application 

Each year, LDCSA allocate grants from its Mission and Outreach fund to non-profit organisations based in the geographical area of the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, who share our vision and objectives. 

For more details download our Application Form or contact us.



"LDCSA's grant making recognises that we can achieve more when we work together and share our vision and resources. If we value community and sharing hope, then we need to invest in and partner with other Merseyside organisations seeking to make a difference."

- LDCSA Governance & Development Manager

Recent Grant Funding Recipients

Tomorrow Women's Wirral


  • Funding to support the purchase of mobile devices to keep in contact with vulnerable women during the pandemic

REEO CIC – Giant Peach Project 


  • Three year funding to support the development of move on accommodation and employment opportunities for women, including a community grocery

Together Liverpool 

  • Funding to support the Network of Kindness project during lockdown. This enabled additional support to local Foodbanks and the joining up of local organisations to share resources and knowledge

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