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Adelaide House

Adelaide House Female Approved Premises

The main project of LDCSA, is situated in Liverpool and is one of only six female approved premises in the country. The house provides residential support and interventions for up to 18 adult women who are completing their sentences. Management and staff at Adelaide House advocate a holistic, women centred, needs led approach to their work, which includes enhanced supervision within a structured and supportive environment.

Adelaide House staff have developed extensive experience of working with female offenders who present with complex needs across a range of issues. Our residents stay for around 3 months and we accommodate and work with women who are experiencing difficulties with offending behaviour, drug and alcohol addiction, personality disorder, mental health challenges, domestic violence, learning difficulties, self-harm and homelessness.

Adelaide House is funded under contract by the Ministry of Justice and works in partnership with the Probation Service, Merseyside Police and a wide range of support and service delivery partners. 


“I was struggling at first when I heard I had to come to an approved premises. Now I've managed to stay off drugs. Staff here have helped me from every corner and every angle”

- Adelaide House Resident

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"At LDCSA we believe that everyone has the ability to change. Through the work of Adelaide House we give the individual the opportunity to make better choices to shape their future."

- Chief Operations Officer, Adelaide House


One of our long term partners supporting the work of Adelaide House is Faiths4Change (F4C). F4C is an environmental Merseyside based charity who manage the charity's gardening projects, making use of the large garden space to the rear of Adelaide House. The project provides opportunities for residents to connect with the natural environment, develop new skills and relationships, and enhance well being

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"We undertake the full range of gardening activities together. Ladies who might be feeling stressed or anxious find seed sowing really calms them; it's a slow and steady job. Others enjoy watching bees and butterflies and having a wander in a safe outdoor space.”

- Faiths4Change Partner

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